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Halifax Distilling Co. Makes a Splash in Downtown Halifax!

Posted by Tristan on January 19, 2017

Allow us to introduce two fantastic women with a great business and fantastic “spirits”. Julie Shore and Arla Johnson opened up the Halifax Distilling Co. on Lower Water St in downtown Halifax in 2016. Real Estate 360 had the pleasure of working with these ladies to get them into their current distillery location! Julie (the master distiller) has a family history in distilling that goes back generations. They both bring an amazing attitude and brightness to work with them, and we guarantee if you ever have the pleasure of meeting them they will make a lasting impression. Their line of social beverages JD Shore can now be found in NSLC’s across the province as well as in the Distillery itself. Their reserve line IC Shore, can be purchased at the distillery. It is well worth heading down to Lower Water street and taking a tour through their beautiful space and taste some of the best spirits that Nova Scotia has to offer!

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